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Quick Lash

Dual-Ended Lash Applicator Tool

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The fuss-free tool for even faster, more flawless lashes

  • Dual-ended applicator and comb
  • Curved edge lash tweezers allow for safe and easy application and readjustment
  • Lash comb end helps blend natural and false lashes flawlessly
  • Perfect for beginners

What is it?

Applying lashes is even easier with the Quick Lash Dual-Ended Lash Applicator!

Apply, remove and comb your favourite lashes without the fuss of traditional tweezers or fingertips. The innovative curved applicator features a precision angled tweezer for application, and a comb to combine your natural and false lashes for a seamless blend.


Step 1: Trim the end of your lashes to fit your eye shape.

Step 2: Apply Quick Lash Adhesive Liner or an adhesive of your choice to the lash line.

Step 3: Attach lash on top of the adhesive using the Quick Lash Dual-Ended Applicator curved tweezer side.

Step 4: Use the comb side to blend your false lashes with your natural lashes.

Quick Lash
Quick Lash
How To:

Quick Lash

Line, Lash & Done.

Tip: Quick Lash Adhesive Liner works with any style and brand of individual or strip lashes!

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