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Are Your Fake Eyelashes Vegan?

There has always been something captivating about long, dramatic eyelashes. False eyelashes are a brilliant way to elevate, enhance and bolden eyes to create a lifted and fuller look.

Falsies, as they are fondly referred to now, were traditionally made from human hair, horsehair or plastics. They were later – and are now more commonly – made from mink animal fur.

The reality behind Mink Falsies

Mink’s are cruelly bred in fur farms, where they mitigate the territorial aggression and internal stress activated by large groups sharing small spaces, the animals are kept separated in small wire cages.

Once caged, they are ‘brushed’ and have their fur harvested and sold to the fast fashion and beauty industries. Once a farm is done with an animal, they are killed through means of beating, gassing, neck-snapping or electrocution. 

Fake does not always imply vegan

Often, consumers believe that the fake in fake eyelashes implies synthetic materials, when in fact they are produced by practices that do not meet vegan or cruelty-free standards.

What about human hair?

Some brands are also known to use human hair for hair and eyelash extensions, marketing it as an ethical alternative when in fact the same exploitation faced by caged animals also impacts young women.

Discussions by Aj Jazeera’s The Stream, and The Asean Postboth highlight patterns of the global hair industry to source and exploit from populations of third world, impoverished countries.

Why would you not switch to vegan lashes and products free of human and animal hair?

This is not to say they cannot be vegan; it is just that they often are not – it strongly depends on the company and type you are looking to purchase. As a customer, if you are looking to make the switch to vegan eyelashes, you should be looking to purchase false eyelashes made from faux (fake) mink fur. 

Faux mink is handmade, using synthetic materials designed to perfectly mimic the natural look and feel achieved by real lashes – volumising, light, durable and protecting our furry friends.

The benefits of vegan eyelashes? 

No animals are harmed in any stage of the production or manufacturing, and none of the materials used to create the false lashes are from animals either.  

And what more, faux mink lashes are designed to perfectly mimic the look and feel of real hair so the difference is invisible; in switching to ethical products, you will not be missing out on quality or style.  

Meet Quick Lash

The Quick Flick’s Quick Lash False Lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty free and made from handmade soft faux minx – no animal [by] products, and no fussWhen combined with our Quick Lash Adhesive Linerour lashes in a flash concept is super user friendly for those with a lot or very little experience in fake eyelash application. It can be a bit tricky! 

Our lashes are suitable for 30+ applications, seamlessly fold to the natural shape of your eye, perfectly blend into your eyeliner (check out our different adhesive liner colours!), are comfortable for longer wear and are suitable for any eye shape. Don’t believe it? Try them out and let us know what you think! 

And if you’re looking to actively engage with making a change towards an ethical, vegan cosmetics industry? Here are some petitions and organisations you can engage with:

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