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Empowering everyday people through functional beauty innovations



We make fun, fuss-free eye makeup that lets you express yourself. They're super simple, multi-purpose solutions that keep up with busy lifestyles — because we know you've got more important things to do.


Real beauty is about what's on the inside. Our double-duty skincare essentials are packed with powerful, antioxidant-rich ingredients that your skin will love, and so will the planet!

Our Values

Our office dog Chino is the real boss, so we make sure our products are always 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA approved.

Beauty starts on the inside, which is why we only ever use clean and non-toxic ingredients formulated with your eye and skin health in mind. 

We make compact, time-saving and multi-functional solutions, because your time is better spent changing the world than looking in the mirror.

Since day one we've never used models in our campaigns or imagery, only real customers, always free of digital editing or airbrushing.

Our customers are the heart and soul of The Quick Flick, involved in everything from our marketing campaigns to product development.

From packaging to products, we're always striving to develop eco-friendly alternatives that help to reduce our ecological footprint.